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Internet Business Consulting: Database Services

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Protect Your Data

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The cost of data validation is less than the cost of repair.


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Database Services

Data Conversion, Validation, and Processing

We help managers in prioritization, resource management and implementation

of enterprise-wide systems.

Missing customers, misplaced shipments, returned mail and lost marketing opportunities are only a part of the overall damage to your company without a solution in place to verify / cleanse data and guarantee that you have valid customer contacts.

Our data management programs align data across an organization by simplifying processes, sharing or reusing the same data and simplifying the technology architecture necessary to support the business. These programs align overlapping and "siloed" systems to enhance the fundamental capabilities of the organization's information.

The cost of continuing with corrupted data
The cost of continuing without data 
The cost of recreating the data
The cost of notifying users in the event of a compromise.

On-site consultation involves review of systems, methods and procedures and applicable hardware and personnel.

Includes evaluation of applicability, scope and load capability for hardware, software and process.

Data Conversion


Receipt, storage and/or redistribution and manipulation of data from single or multiple sources to single or multiple sources.
Processing inbound and/or outbound may include decoding, altering via calculation and compliance with transfer protocols or methods (e.g. SOAP, XML Post, SQL, CSV, Fixed Field, BCD, or other formatting).
Processing may also include conversion of data to include new elements, combine or truncate elements, remove elements and manipulate elements via external process.

Applicability: Data Conversion is usually required for:

♦ one-time system conversions, where data from one system must be ported to a new or different system.
♦ full or part-time communication between systems, applications or between elements of a single system.
♦ secure transfer of data between similar or dissimilar systems or applications.
♦ reporting and analysis, where raw data must be consolidated to comply with specific needs.
♦ storage of large volume data.


Data Validation


Validation of data for one-time processing or design and development of ongoing validation processes.  Ongoing processes may be at regular intervals (Hourly, Daily, Weekly) or individually by transaction.

Applicability: Validation is generally a requirement of:
♦ mass migration of data for business records from one system to another.
♦ audit use or to upgrade data quality for increased efficiency.
♦ system upgrades.
♦ dispersal or acquisition of data as part of a sale or purchase of assets.


Web-based Processing

Manipulation of systems, processes or functions that may normally be associated with dedicated workstation programming via browser-based applications. This methodology generally yields easier distribution, shorter operator learning curves and may incorporate the Internet as part of the operator or participant pool.

Web-based applications are typically used to service application consumers or operators across a wider scope than a single office or where large numbers of consumers need access to functionality, making distribution of traditional “install on your PC” programs impractical. Web-based applications can usually provide the same functionality as traditional desktop applications.


Linux Implementations and Applicability Reviews

Applicability review and system design for a variety of Linux only or Linux/Windows or Linux/Other cooperative implementations.
Linux consultation may be useful for:
♦ Using Linux to replace, enhance or augment existing Windows or other systems.
♦ Verification that your needs match a Linux solution.
♦ Setup and operational methods and procedures.


Systems Review, Critique and Design

On site consultation, involving review of systems, methods and procedures and applicable hardware and personnel. This includes evaluation of applicability, scope and load capability for hardware, software and process.

Reviews of this kind are generally indicated for:
♦ Determination of Service Level Agreement (SLA) metrics.
♦ New hardware or software acquisition.
♦ Pre or post acquisition of businesses.


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